Our office works in harmony with your needs to establish quality relationships and build a systematic approach to present long range planning solutions. Our goal is to design sustainable works that not only solves the current desire, but also that of the future as well. Planning is the involves the initial assessment of your project goals, vision, and budget.

Conceptual Design

Within this phase of design we establish the best hypothetical function of your project to maximize developing the best solution. Concept designs are often utilized to secure funding or make formal presentation for complete buy in by all participating parties.  

Schematic Design

From concept to realization, as we get closer to realizing your project as a tangible product of the built environment the Schematic Design phase is key in implementation of realistic goals and solid ideas. This phase of the work allows us to present, loosely, the boundaries by which your project takes the next step. Through programming and site evaluation we engage in a detailed outline that covers the overall scope of your vision and put it down on paper.

Design Development

After thoroughly evaluating the process by which we determine the feasibility of your project we then hard line our thoughts and identify even more detail related to texture, color, material, sizes, proximity, and the overall project parti. Design Development gives us a more exact spacial illustration and therefore solidifies the program with all necessary spaces, dimensions, openings, heights, code verification, and details to prepare to build your project completely on paper.

Construction Documents

In order to deliver a complete and comprehensive project our team works to present the building contractor with a set of "working" drawings or Construction Documents & Specifications that provide, in detail, every aspect of your project. Our goal is to present a document that any contractor can read for building your project from start to finish.  

Bidding and Negotiating

Our team leader(s) will assist you in gaining the best construction estimate possible through the bidding process. Our team of consultants can provide estimates as well to offer design build opportunity or present themselves in the process of a design bid build process. 

Coordination of Consultant Services

From Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing consultants to design Illustrators and or General Contractors and Builders we have the capability to coordinate and match the right consultant for each project's successful completion.

Construction Administration

As your project moves forward we are available to walk with you through each phase of building (from foundation and framing to final finishes). Our team meets weekly with the contractor and provides you with a weekly update and report of the observation of construction. These details often provide you with the comfort that there is always someone watching the project and taking note of every aspect of the construction process.

Construction Management

We also have the ability to be of service on a project by project basis for independent Construction Management. In this role, we oversee the project as an outside consultant for you, the client, in order to act as a client representative during construction.


Our team of consultants offer a wide range of construction services from residential remodel to commercial and industrial large scale construction projects. Large or small we have team members to meet each one of your building needs.


Regardless of the language, Architecture involves a sequence of planning and designing physical structures of the built environment.



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Construction Management

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